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Pastor Garry's Memorial Day Prayer
This is the prayer our Pastor offered when asked this year to open the Township's Viva Vienna Memorial Day Ceremony. 

God of our fathers slain in wars now past,
God of our youths sent now to desert lands defending
the freedom of those who may not have yet learned it’s value.
Be with our country and our quest
For freedom.
Comfort the families of our fallen
Guide and In Your mercy raise
the fatherless children of men
Who will have children no more.
Heal and restore those who have been hurt
In mind and body and in spirit, while defending the lives of others.
Hold Back the forces of evil that would break our desire for Freedom in favor of an easier way, a way that costs less, a way that would be worth less.
Encourage us to be true to our forefather’s vision
That this country be a place of justice and liberty for all
Until that time when all men may go home, and live together in peace,
Remembering only that the price paid was worthwhile,
Forever and ever.  Amen

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