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Devotionals for the Nature Lover
By Garry Genser

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Praise for a Down to Earth God

“Garry Genser’s devotionals capture vivid spiritual insights from common daily experiences. They will help you to see the leading hand of God in your life and inspire you to a greater commitment to His will.”
-Samuele Bacchiocchi, Ph. D., Retired Professor of Theology and Church History, Andrews University

“ I have used Garry Genser’s inspirational stories for our family worships.  Get ready for refreshing insights and for your love and appreciation of God to grow.”
-Steve Case, President of Piece of the Pie Ministries, Former Youth Ministry Professor at Andrews University

“… An unpretentious, humorous writing style that is as easy to read as it is uplifting!”
-Jim Pedersen, President of the Northern California Conference of SDA's

A Down to Earth God: devotionals for the nature lover is an inspirational non-fiction collection of earthy country stories illustrating scripture. Garry Genser, who, at the time of the writing of this devotional, pastored a country church in a small Northern California town in Humboldt County, humorously reveals his own weaknesses, inviting us to more fully explore our own souls. In this process, simple scriptural truths come to life.


About the Author...

Garry Genser was torn from the oak forests and rolling meadows of Illinois when his parents relocated to Chicago to get work.   As a teenager he escaped from the turmoil of the inner city to a Benedictine Monastery in the woods of Arkansas. 

After two years he rejected the monastic life to move back to Chicago.  It was hard to leave the beauty rural Arkansas but Garry learned to look for beauty even in the poor neighborhoods of the inner city.   He wrote his first novel in an unheated attic that was entered by a crooked stairway in the bathroom of the third floor apartment beneath. Garry drove a cab to survive, gorged on the Mother Earth News magazines and dreamed of a new life in the country. Joining a cult, becoming a teacher, then a real estate agent, getting married, raising children and finally being found by God, he was given a new life. It is from the perspective of this new life that Garry Genser now pastors and writes his inspiring stories. A Down to Earth God: devotionals for the nature lover celebrates an amazing God who seeks out each one of us through the daily circumstances of our lives.

Genser now pastors a church near our nation's capitol.  "Appreciating nature is not restricted to living in the country," Genser notes, "but one does have to look and listen more closely!"


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