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Evangelism Plan 2012
Date Event Purpose Personnel Notes
January 21 Personal Ministries Meeting To empower members to effectively reach out to their neighbors/friends Kevin Deans
Pastoral staff
-Feb 25
Ongoing and new Bridge building events:
1) Health Seminar
2) Community Survey (door to door and downtown)
To initiate relationships or to build on relationships with community members Personal Ministries Committee delegates to:
1 Health Ministries
2 Personal Ministries
On-going Small Group fellowships
  1. Experiencing God
  1. Disciple Dare studies (young Adult)
Forming relationships,
Spiritual development
1)  Elaine Kaptetanakis
2) Pastor Jen
On-going Bible study training To equip members to follow up with those responding to mail out invitations to bible studies Pastors  
On-going and renewed (see Fall Entry) Ongoing studies from previous neighborhood mail-out To prepare participants to attend evangelism events and to make decisions Personal Ministries  
February 4th 2012 40 Days of Prayer To engage memberships in earnest search for the Spirit’s outpouring Pastors;
Prayer Warriors
Feb 18th Training for Evangelistic series volunteers Pastors  
March 3 Personal Ministries Meeting, Prayer Walk Prepare community for receiving mail-out invitations to evangelism Whole church  
March 16-25 Islam and Christianity: The Coming Conflict
Both a Pre-evangelistic Event and a standalone event with follow-up
Tim Roosenberg
March 30 to May 5 Revelation: Hope, Meaning, Purpose New Evangelistic Event written by Jon Paulien Pastor Garry and Pastor Jen co-teaching Fri and Sat Nights only 2 lessons each night plus last 2 Sabbath Worships
April 28th ongoing

April 29th
Baptismal Class

Health Fare
In Pastor’s office

In School Gym
Pastor Garry

Marvin Quintero

Funded by Vienna Rotary!
May Follow up programs
  1. Bible Marking class
  2. Health Fair
  3. ______
  4. ______
To consolidate new members and encourage others to make decisions  
2)  Health Ministries
Fall New Bible study invitations Mail-out   Personal Ministries  
Fall Bridge-building events
1)  Garage Sale Hosting facility for neighborhood homeowners combined with free car wash
2)  Youth Ice cream giveawayt
  Personal ministries Each SS class and each ministry group will be encouraged to lead out in or support one event

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